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source: Simple Fun for Kids

Bath Play Time

Not all kids enjoy bath time but I am very fortunate that my son loves it. Here’s a list of activities he always enjoys doing in the tub, and it sure gets his attention when I mention it’s Bath Play Time. Hopefully these games, some inspired from Babble, can help encourage other children that are […]

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Top Gifts for New Parents

Gifts For New Parents

Have you ever been stumped on gift ideas for friends with a newborn baby at home? Fret no more! We’re sure as long as you keep it practical any gift would be great. Here are five gifts any new set of parents would love and appreciate! Now, without further ado: Chocolate Covered Strawberries With a […]

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source: Unplugged Sunday

DIY Winter Body Scrub

Houston is by no means a frozen tundra, but it can sure feel that way with the cold winds and sporadic winter temperatures all season. Other than busting out the heavier moisturizer when my skin starts to feel dry, I also like to give myself a soothing winter full body scrub (I try to do […]

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source: HNL

Holiday Stove-top Potpourri

The scents of the season will make your whole home smell festive. This very simple Hello Newlywed Life stove-top potpourri recipe can help you and the family get into the holiday spirit! What you will need: – 3 clementines or oranges, quartered – 2-3 sprigs of rosemary – ½ tsp of pumpkin spice – 3 cups of water – ½ […]

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Gift Ideas with Mason Jars

Mason jars are certainly back in style for home decor use, but we also found some great ways to reuse those jars for gift giving as well. You can hand out small, thoughtful gifts to almost anyone in your life. We picked three different people who could use a pick me up and found these […]

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