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Pantry Organization

I saw a post on pantry make-overs using what you have around the house and it motivated me to do my own. I can do so well and stay on top of the kids to keep it tidy, and then someway, somehow life goes at the speed of light, my nagging fades, and I’m left with this:

Pantry Organization

It’s not the worst panty I’ve ever seen but it’s most certainly not the best either. It’s hard for me to find things when they’re shoved in corners and hidden behind boxes. It turns my morning into mayhem in no time flat!

Something about a clean and organized pantry feels like sweet poetry to my mind. I begin my day finding what I need easily.

To begin organizing, I chose a time with a semi-free 30 to 45 minute slot and go to work. I kept the girls within seeing range in the kitchen to keep an eye on their work progress and away I went.

First step was to take out items that do not belong in pantry, or my pantry, anyway. I was searching and searching for the silver duct tape and my first aid kit for my car and there they appeared!

Bags are a must in our home but soon become a menace! I’ve tried the stainless steel bag holder, mesh holder (which when loaded down constantly falls off the hanger), and many other containers. I took all of these out and started from scratch. I agreed to part with a majority of them and keep only what could be squished into one reusable bag.

Pantry Organization

I hate to waste good space but there’s something about things on the floor that irk me. As you can see, I put a few things down there and before you know it, there’s a LOT of things on the floor and it looks cluttered and dirty. I also tend to not clean the floor because, let’s face it, I’m NOT going to move all of those things out of the way, then clean the floor, and move them back into place! I decided to place only things that did not fit in shelves on the floor.

I had all of the containers. Although I love the look of the cute containers with labels, I chose to use only what I had within my kitchen and mainly see-through so I can quickly assess what I’m running low on and what’s inside. I had a few labels in my party bin and recently bought a chalk permanent pen.

I usually place things for the girls where they can reach them and put items that I use often in an accessible spot, the least used at the top along with my husband’s “junk stash” and just filled in the empty spaces from there.  It took me 43 minutes including several pet and child interventions. 🙂 I hope you can take some of these ideas and get after it!

My after pantry:

Pantry Organization
Pantry Organization

Ahhhh….music to my ears and pantry poetry in motion.

Contributed by Jess of Waking Wonder Woman.

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