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Social Artworking at a Painting Party!

There are loads of these new painting party places popping up all over town. It’s a mom’s dream night out! Leave the kids with dad. Bring your favorite beverage and a handful of friends. Get ready to get socially artsy. The best part – you get to show your style full-out!

My sister hosted her birthday party at Painting with a Twist. She picked this weird tree painting:


As a math mom, I made it a little more… um… mathy!


It’s summertime, so take a night to go have some fun. Even if you’re not artfully inclined, you’ll enjoy the evening. And you just might surprise yourself!





Contributed by Bon Crowder, math mom and education fanatic, who helps grown-ups see math in their everyday world so they can help their kids have a positive attitude in math.

Check out her blog for various articles on math learning. Or head over to That’s Math to see more specific ways to see and say math using everyday things.

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