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Nouveau Art Bar

Nestled amidst the party atmosphere of midtown in Houston, Nouveau Art Bar offers a reprieve from the loud partying of 20-somethings in the area. The bar is located across from a stunning graffiti installation that plays on the Sistine Chapel art, showing a bearded figure reaching out with a spray paint can, that covers the entire side of the building nearby. Nouveau Art Bar offers a warm inviting bar setting with it’s thousands of reproduction Tiffany lamps providing the sole source of lighting. The stained glass gives the bar an almost magical glow that is sure to make you feel relaxed.

This is a fantastic place to celebrate happy hour with other moms or friends you haven’t caught up with recently. Especially with the school year now in full swing and routines setting in, plus the music is kept at a reasonable level compared to the rest of the area, so you won’t be forced to yell to keep up a conversation.

Even later into the evening on weekdays, this is a great date spot for you and your significant other. Perhaps sit down for a decadent dinner at nearby Reef, or just grab some of Houston’s best Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwiches made with delicious French bread) at Les Givral right down the street before heading over.

We hope you enjoy a cocktail at Nouveau soon, it is a fantastic little hidden gem in midtown and has such a great relaxing environment. Maybe cozy up with your kindle in a corner booth, or grab a center table and take in all of the beauty of the stained glass lamps.  Whatever strikes your fancy, this is a fantastic spot to do it.

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