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Edible Pudding Paint

Whether it’s raining cats and dogs, or it’s just too hot to think about playing outside, this all in one craft and snack will help your kiddos pass the time! Edible pudding paint is a breeze to make, and with just a few ingredients your family will be creating pieces of art in no time. We adapted our recipe from Sweet Treats and More.

-Vanilla instant pudding (one box should be enough)
-2 cups Milk
-Food coloring
-Muffin pan

Lay all your materials and ingredients out in front of you. Grab your mixing bowl, open up the packet of vanilla instant pudding and have your little helper pour it into the mixing bowl.

Next, pour 2 cups of milk into the mixture and whisk together for two minutes. Then place the mixture into the fridge to settle and thicken up.

Once the mix is thick, take it out of the fridge and fill your muffin pan with pudding. Then grab the box of food coloring, drop different colors into each and use the spoon to mix them up. Use a different spoon for each to not mix up the colors.

Now you and your children can enjoy making beautiful art using your fingers and licking away each flavorful color. Let your child’s creativity shine through with this craft, who knows they might just turn out to be the next Van Gogh!

Plus, cleaning up is as easy as having them get in the bath, or washing their hands, depending on how messy your little ones like to get.

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