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Simple Alternatives to a Traditional Wreath

source: Bob Vila

source: Bob Vila

If you’re into the funkier decorating styles that you see all over Pinterest and looking for a way to stand out this Holiday season, ditch the traditional boring evergreen wreath and try out one of these awesome new styles we found across Pinterest and from Bob Vila. They utilize stuff you may have around the house and all seem to be pretty easily DIY (some a bit easier than others) so you can whip up some Christmas decorations while you sip wine and enjoy some festive holiday tunes in front of a fire.

Corks and Jingle Bells
This idea is adorable and can easily be made from old wine corks you can get at a local restaurant, bar, or your own stash if you’re the type to keep them for projects later. Add some mistletoe and string them together with a bell between each and you have a festive door wreath that was made using recycled products!

Yarn Wreaths
What’s better in winter than a big, warm, cabled sweater you can cozy up in? Maybe you bought yours, perhaps someone in your family lovingly made it for you, but no matter what, that wooly, soft yarn feeling just invokes winter warmth feelings and a sense of the holidays. You can use balls of yarn that you tie together to make a neat wreath, decorating with knitting needles or mistletoe, or simply wrap a large wreath base in your favorite colors.  You can even choose not so themed colors so you can leave up this pretty decoration all year long.

Peppermint Wreaths
This one takes the cake on cute for sure. Simply grab a bag of cheap peppermints and hot glue them to a styrofoam wreath for a minty holiday decoration! Add a bow and voila! Easiest wreath you can make this season, yet screams Christmas time and smells wonderful.

Acorns or Cranberries
For those of you with a bit more time on your hands and really want to show off, acorn or cranberry wreaths are breathtaking and can be made in your own home this year. Pick up fresh cranberries, or search the yard for acorns and spray paint a styrofoam wreath a color to match, in case it shows through anywhere. For the cranberries, pop toothpicks in half and stab one end into the cranberry, then push the cranberry onto the wreath like a pushpin. For the acorns simply hot glue in a pleasing pattern – you can even add cranberries or leaves to this one for a bit of a color pop. Continue until you’ve covered the wreath, remember, patience and wine are your friends.

We hope you enjoy these quick design ideas for the holidays; this is a fun and festive time to break out some fresh ideas for your home and show off to family and friends as they gather to celebrate.  Let us know which ones you showed off in the comments!

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