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Staycation at Home Instead of Travelling

Whether it’s floating down a canal in Venice or discovering that secret beach in Maui, we all have our dream vacations. And while swimming through a private lagoon in Tahiti may remain only a dream, there are more than enough other vacations you can take with your family — and you don’t even have to leave Houston! By choosing to stay at home during your next vacation, you can save money and still have fun with a Staycation! This is a great way to take time out and relax with your family in the middle of all the Holiday excitement.

Staycation Ideas for Families

The term “staycation” — a vacation you take while staying at home or in your home city — has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, and with all Houston has to offer it’s easy to have a great staycation right here.

One of the best and easiest staycation ideas out there is to rent a hotel room.

The Four Seasons Houston has jumped aboard the staycation craze by offering a program they call, “Houston with Kids.” It provides a kid-friendly way for the entire family to enjoy a change of scenery, games, food, luxurious accommodations and the kinds of activities you’d expect on a cruise or at an overseas resort.

Relax with your family at the Four Seasons!

Relax with your family at the Four Seasons!

Blogger Candace Thomas of Luxe…With Kids signed up for the “Houston with Kids” package, which she called “the ultimate staycation with your kids,” and was more than happy with her family’s getaway weekend.

In addition to the personalized cookies and the wagon full of toys that room service brought up for her children, there was also the saltwater pool where they splashed and played. One thing Thomas noted was how relaxed the staycation was. Unlike other vacations where you arrive worn out and exhausted from travel, everyone was wide awake and energized so they could make the most of the trip from the get-go.

Oh, and the kids got to team up with the Four Seasons chefs to make their pizzas.

Of course, if you don’t want to rent a hotel room, you can always transform your living room or bedroom into a “hotel” room for your own staycation right at home. And your husband can be the bellboy! Only your imagination limits the fun possibilities for you and your family during your next staycation!

Your home can be transformed into an oasis getaway!

Your home can be transformed into an oasis getaway!

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