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Picture Frame Wallpaper

Want to get the whole family together for a fun afternoon art project? I know during the winter it can be hard to find activities that are fun for the kids and keep everyone involved while it’s chilly outside. We found the perfect idea on Artful Parent, it’s an awesome DIY Picture Frame Wallpaper for children to express creativity on.

You can make your own picture frame wallpaper with simple white butcher’s paper, masking tape, sharpie markers and your choice of medium, be it crayons, markers or oil pastels. Simply hang the butcher paper on the wall where you want it and in reach of the kids, unless you are supervising ladder usage. You can also hang it vertically with the tape and simply reserve the higher up frames for adult drawings.  After the paper is affixed to the wall, draw on a variety of picture frames, from vintage to plain and everything in between, all shapes and sizes with your sharpie marker.

Now hand out your tools and let the whole family go to town!  You can all draw each other’s portraits, or beautiful landscapes, or recreate dreams and cartoons. The options are endless, and you can all draw together and have a great time. The drawings are so cute you may want to leave the paper up for a long time to show off the art, or you can cut out certain frames and hang them individually on the fridge, or in your kids’ rooms. This is a super cute and fun activity your whole family will enjoy, and it gives your kids so much creative space!

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