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Cool off at a City of Houston Sprayground!

Houston Sprayground

When I want my kids to go outside to play but they are complaining about the heat, we head to the nearest City of Houston Sprayground!

Houston Sprayground

These colorful splash pads have fun water features that the kids love. Whether they are creating games or imaginary worlds in the water or even if they are just walking through a mister to cool off after playing on the playground, they always have a blast. And the great thing is I don’t have to put on a swimsuit or get wet if I don’t want to!

Houston Sprayground

There are more than 20 spraygrounds located throughout the city and they are all free! Go here for the complete list.  They are all unique so you can find the one closest to you, or you can visit several to find your favorite!


Contributed by Shanna

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