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source: Imagination Station

Science Experiments At Home

It’s so much fun to be able to stay inside sometimes and just amaze your kids with new and fun science experiments. They will be filled with wonder and questions, so you’ll be able to teach them something new and they’ll develop an interest for science. When you and your kids create fun experiments it makes learning […]

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source: MetalFloss

Science Experiments You Can Do At Home

Kids love to get hands on when it comes to playtime, and if you can add learning into it and still keep them interested, you’re supermom. Science experiments that range from tasty to goopy are sure to keep them coming back for more, asking plenty of questions, and enjoying playtime. We found these suggestions over at Metalfloss […]

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Tea Bag Rockets

Here’s a fun way to impress your kiddos with some science knowledge! Just take a tea bag, (you’ll need one that is paper based, bags that are fiber won’t work) removed the staple, open the bag, dump out the contents and set the top on fire! The fire creates hot air at the top of […]

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Invisible Ink

Your children will love passing secret notes with this invisible ink trick! It’s a creative and easy way to take drawing to the next level, and the kiddos will jump with joy watching their messages magically appear. Supplies: White paper Lemon juice Bowl Q-tips This is the wonderful part, after pouring some lemon juice into […]

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Cockrell Butterfly Center

The essence of nature can provide a therapeutic relief from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. At the Cockrell Butterfly Center, you will find a unique and living nature habitat for you and your children to enjoy. This vast three-story habitat is filled with various tropical plants and over 60 different species of some of the […]

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