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4 inspiring summer lunch ideas

Summer is all about hanging out at the pool, relaxing in the sun and enjoying a much-needed break from the school year. With all of this fun to have, there’s no time left to worry about what’s for lunch. Whether your kids are old enough to help with meal preparation or you just need some kid-friendly recipes your children will love, here are some of our favorite summer lunch ideas:

Bagel Gone Bananas

This easy lunch also doubles as a grab-and-go breakfast. Top a bagel with nut butter and banana slices for a quick, healthy meal. If your kids don’t like bananas, you can try strawberries, blueberries or any of their favorite fruits.

Sandwich Skewers

Even the pickiest of eaters will love both assembling and munching on their very own sandwich skewer. Grab some basic sandwich fixings, like bread, deli meat, cheese, and veggies, and start turning a classic lunch meal into the perfect finger food.

Homemade chicken nuggets

Why buy processed chicken nuggets when you can make your own? You can even make these ahead of time and freeze them to have on hand. All you need is diced chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, bread crumbs, and seasonings.

Tuna Cheddar Lunchbox Bites

Sandwiches and wraps may be easy go-to lunch ideas, but after a while, it’s time to switch things up. These mini cheddar and tuna bites deliver a powerful protein punch and are easy to reheat for a quick lunch of leftovers. Try making a double batch and freezing half if you’re planning for a busy week.

When you’re running from one activity to the next or simply relaxing at home, let these summer lunch ideas keep you inspired, and your kids nourished. Each meal will leave you and your kids feeling good and ready to take on the rest of the afternoon! Have fun trying out these amazing meal ideas from inspired moms just like you!

Fun meal ideas to bring the kids to the table!

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