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Learn the Beautiful Art of Pottery

Foelber Pottery‘s beginner adult pottery classes are a fantastic way to relax and craft something with your hands under the instruction of some amazing artists right here in Houston. The adult classes are 5 week sessions that meet once a week for two hour class times. You will learn hand building, wheel throwing (like the iconic scene in Ghost), glazing and Raku firing, which is a low-fire finishing method.

Classes run $170 for all 10 hours, clay, glazes and firings. You don’t need to bring anything except a towel or apron to keep your clothes clean. The next class is beginning October 23th at 10am and runs through November 20th. You can check out their website for more information on later class schedules.

If you’d like to learn with friends, book an event at Foelber! They do children’s and adult parties so people of all ages can learn this wonderful skill. If you’re more interested in viewing these sculptures than attempting to make them, they have gallery openings throughout the fall you can attend, as well as a sale towards the end of November.

We hope you have fun making pottery; this is a great opportunity to learn something new and maybe even meet new friends!

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