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Movie-making camps provide summer fun

Summertime may be a sign of sweet freedom for kids out of school, but as parents, you might struggle to find enough for your kids to do on those long summer days. Are your kids tired of the same summer day camps? Why not give them something to be excited about during the summer?

Joy Kids Studio puts on both after-school and summer movie-making camps where kids can write, direct and star in their very own movies. They even get to walk the red carpet at the River Oaks Movie Theater and watch their movies at the end of the summer. Joy Kids Studio also offers acting classes, private editing classes, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts workshops, and music-video birthday parties.

You could even put on a movie-making camp at home. Encourage your kids to get creative both in front of and behind the camera. Movie making can help kids build confidence, grow their creativity, and increase their media literacy skills and self-expression. Turn an ordinary day into a memorable movie-making adventure. You can make a movie just about anywhere, and most likely, you already have everything you need. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a step-by-step guide for movie making at home.

Treat your kids to the fun and excitement of the entertainment industry. For more information about Joy Kids Studio, check out their main website here.

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