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DIY Succulent Garden

DIY Ideas for A Succulent Garden

  Even if you have a brown thumb, succulents, such as cacti and aloe plants, can be relatively easy to keep living and beautiful. It’s also a great way to bring a bit of the natural beauty from the outdoors inside your home during winter. I found a few great decorating ideas for succulents you can […]

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Makeup Storage DIY

Makeup Storage DIY

Many women have a plethora of makeup items hiding away in their bathroom amongst various drawers, cabinets, boxes and shelves. You rarely end up using more than the same 3 or 4 daily products to achieve your out the door look each morning, but you own so many beautiful products that fall by the wayside. […]

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source: A Beautiful Mess

Not Your Normal Spice Rack

  If you’ve been stuffing all of your spices onto shelves in the pantry, or leaving them out on a counter like myself you’re in for a real DIY treat. I just completed this cute spice rack idea from A Beautiful Mess; all your spices and seasonings are clearly labeled – with the labels facing […]

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source: Suze Geeks Out

DIY Corkboard

Maybe you just moved into a new house or perhaps you just want to add a little flair to your favorite room while showing off a few favorite old photos or cards. I’ve found the perfect DIY project that mixes style and functionality on Suze Geeks Out. Start with a few basic you probably have lying […]

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source: HGTV

Baskets of Fun DIY

Why not dedicate a day to work on a fun DIY project? If you’re anything like us, you like constant change and subtle home upgrades. One way of beautifying your home is creating unique light fixtures. You can finish this electrifying basket with a few simple steps we adapted off of HGTV. You’ll have fun […]

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Decorating With Origami

Designing on a budget has never been easier with origami crane birds. If you are looking for a less conventional way to spruce up a room, check out this origami bird wall, and how to video. You can coordinate colors, patterns and paper textures. The possibilities are endless! Send us your pictures of your design budget ideas! […]

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source: lilyshop

DIY Stenciled Throw Pillows

Accent pillows are a must in any room with furniture that might require them. Expand your decorative options by designing your own throw pillows in hardly any time and with minimal supplies. This project we found on Lilyshop is simple and will have your room looking beautiful and customized in a matter of hours! Supplies: ·  Throw […]

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Fern Candle Holders

Adding nature into design has been especially popular as of late, and we love it! We were inspired by The Charm of Home, which illustrated that there’s something so simple and romantic about incorporating natural themes into your space. What’s more, is that accessorizing with nature can be inexpensive as it is all around us! […]

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